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Low Melt Fiber
Low Melt Fiber Low Melt Fiber Low Melt Fiber Low Melt Fiber Low Melt Fiber

Low Melt Fiber

Product Attributes :

Low melt fiber has two parts, sheath and core. As sheath, this part has been modified to lower melting point.

Product Description

Product features:   

When heated to high temperature, like 110/160/180 degrees, sheath will melt and bond to other fibers. Its hot-adhesiveness, hot-limberness, self-adhesiveness and stable character make it become a important raw material for non-woven production.

Low melt fiber also eliminates the organic compounds pollution caused by traditional chemical adhesives, and reduces the generation and discharge of organic compounds. And its also beneficial to human health, no pollution to environment, and enhance the “green” production level of industries.


110 degree Low melt fiber   2/4Dx51MM, 6Dx64MM

160 degree Low melt fiber   4Dx51MM

180 degree Low melt fiber   4Dx51MM

GRS certificated 110 degree Low melt fiber   4Dx51MM

Light/normal brown low melt fiber  4Dx51MM

Application scope: 

Mainly used in silk cotton, non-adhesive cotton, hard cotton, car interior, sound insulation board, mattresses and other fields.

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