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Company Overview

We, Huzhou Luke New Material Co., Ltd., is a leading company in the field of circular economy. We not only meet the needs of filling fields such as Clothing, Home Textiles, Furniture, Automotive and so on. But also cooperate with domestic industrial universities to focuse on the cycle of high-efficient and high-value recycling waste textiles, undertake the key reasearchs by governmental Mnistry of Science and Technology Department. Our company's products are of high quality, rich variety, and professional customization. Actively promotes and implements the strategies of "Branding", "Premiumization", "Innovation", "Internationalization" and "Customization" of products.


Company Philosophy

Our philosophy is: Recycle/Biodegradable fiber, comply with the sustainable development of "Green, Low-carbon, Environmental-friendly". For our company, achieving sustainable development is not an option, but a necessity, while pursuing profitability. Besides, under the guidance of the concept of environmental-friendly products, we have turned our traditional production line into a "Green Production Line". For our fibers, from the R&D and design, then to production, logistics and finally transportation, can minimize the negative impact on the environment and maximize the reuse of resources, so can achieve "Green production". 

Advances in materials and economic condition increase the quality of human lifestyle, and technology development can make the world a better place for all of us, Huzhou Luke New Material Fiber will work harder to develop material technology to enrich our future.